Internet Censorship: Democrats, Remember You Could Be Out of Power One Day

“The mainstream media has largely ignored the unsettling censorship tactics of the Biden administration, and Democrats—all the while—clearly cannot imagine a future Republican administration following this administration’s lead and censoring content that does not support the new administration’s political narrative or agenda.” Political party control in Washington, D.C. has historically shifted at least every eight years. […]

A Question for Frances Haugen: Who Decides

“The question, however, remains: Would politically motivated government officials make better decisions than executives at these companies, and would these decisions be fairly applied to all users?” To Read The Full Article Click Here.

Mike Matthys on KMJ’s Afternoon Drive

The Facebook whistleblower has broken her silence with an interview on 60 minutes last night. Co-founder of The Institute for a Better Internet, Michael Matthys, joins KMJ’s Afternoon Drive to discuss Facebook news.  Listen To Full Interview Here.

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