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Ron interviewed Mike Matthys of the  Institute for a Better Institute in a simpler time. They’ve grown; they’ve learned; and Mike is back to bring us up to date.

Mike Matthys on AI

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Join the conversation as we sit down with Mike Matthys, a Stanford alumnus and Silicon Valley expert, to tackle the ever-evolving challenge of protecting free speech in our digital world.

One Politically Viable Solution for Murthy vs. Missouri – Full Transparency

Which Is the Best Mis/Disinformation Test, True/False or Harmful/Not Harmful?

The challenge for the Supreme Court is to determine where to draw the line between appropriate and unconstitutional communications between the federal government and these online media platforms. There seems to be no argument about the need for government to communicate with these online platforms for specific and actual national security or law enforcement actions.

Texas and Florida Content Moderation Laws Would Open Pandora’s Box

The United States Supreme Court is currently reviewing controversial “free speech” laws in Texas (House Bill 20) and Florida (Senate Bill 7072). While well intended, these laws would allow the states of Texas and Florida to interfere with—and even override—the content moderation decisions of online platforms.

AI bias might not be a threat and here’s why

AI bias might not be a threat and here’s why

OpenAI, developer of the ChatGPT language model, is the best-funded and largest AI platform company with over $10 billion in funding at a valuation of nearly $30 billion. Microsoft uses OpenAI, but Google, Meta, Apple and Amazon have their own AI platforms and there are hundreds of other AI startups in Silicon Valley. Will industry forces […]

One man’s plan to prevent bias in artificial intelligence

Prevent bias in AI

Artificial intelligence is a fascinating technological advancement that will undoubtedly transform human civilization. The main question, however, is in what way? Will it be a benevolent advancement humankind can use for good? Or will it be compromised and manipulated in a form that will lead to the further erosion of humanity? They are two critical questions to which no […]

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