Newsmax: US Media Largely Ignores ‘Deteriorating’ Press Freedoms Worldwide

Mike Matthys, co-founder of the 1st&14th Institute, which focuses on free speech, said censorship remains the biggest issue the U.S. is facing regarding freedom of the press.

He pointed out that Facebook, Google, and Twitter have become the “21st century town squares of public speech” and have been placed in a position where they can censor information either on behalf of the government or whoever becomes the arbiter of what’s “truth and false.”

His group is advocating for free speech without government regulation.

“If government gets involved you’ll end up with partisanship regulating content standards,” he said. “We need to stop trying to decide what’s ‘true and false’ and focus on what’s truly harmful and criminal speech.”

Ultimately, he said: “The only way we get to fairness and progress as a country is being able to speak unpopular opinions that might be true.”

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